SAS dynamic balance electric two way valve is design for terminal heating entrance of air-condition and heating system . Adopted advanced controlling idea and model ,it can satisfy all requirement of whole system at any operating load .Under adjusting manual unit to reach required max flow rate at any operating load .By means of differential pressure control ,it can avoid interference to system terminal ,by means of electrical control ,it can be adjusted according to end user needed or external environment changing to satisfy system supplying .
NO Component Material
1 Valve body Bronze
2 Auto control following components Components
3 Valve body Bronze
4 O-ring EPDM
5 Valve cap Brass
6 Electric plug components Components
7 Electric actuator Components
8 Rubber seat EPDM
9 Brass inserts Brass
10 Brass nail Stainless Steel
11 Connector Brass
12 Hexagon bolts Stainless Steel

DN     DN20 DN25              
A     94.3 102.2              
B     12.5 15              
C     137 141.5              
E     97 98.5              
SW     32 39              
Flow range(m³/h)     0.25へ1.9 0.27へ2.8              
WT(g)     980g 1110g              
Piece/Box     1 1              
Piece/carton     12 12              
Carton/pallet     36 36              

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