SAS pressure regulation valve is designed for heating and cooling system to balancing its water flowing .Adopted advanced controlling idea and model , it can maximum reduce system resistance to make valve works stable .During load percentage changing between 0 to 100,by control the pressure difference from flowing changing rate ,this valve can keep whole working system being in stable and balanced. This valve can limited max flowing and reach to max flowing rate by adjust it ,meanwhile keep pressure differential at constant situation ,and possess function of shut-off ,scale-memory and locking .
NO Component Material
1 Cover Brass
2 Piston diaphragm Components
3 Valve body Bronze
4 Auto control pressure components Components
5 Valve supportor Stainless Steel
6 Manual operation plug Components
7 Handle wheel POM
8 Pressure change Pipe A Coppertube
9 Connector Brass
10 Pressure change Pipe B Coppertube
11 Hexagon bolts Stainless Steel

DN     DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40          
A     100 110 120 120          
B     16 20 22 22          
C     189 189 238 240          
E     105 105 112 114          
SW     32 39 48 56          
Flow range(m³/h)     0.25へ3 0.35へ3.5 0.6へ6 0.8へ10          
WT(g)     2127g 2204g 3040g 3162g          
Piece/Box     2 2              
Piece/carton     4 4              
Carton/pallet     33 33              

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